Family Office service in Serbia – from 250 EUR

Company registration in Serbia will bring you a number of entrepreneurial advantages. However, a foreign company needs to be maintained somehow and interaction with different local government bodies is unavoidable. We can help you solve these tasks by providing Family Office services to you. Please find a detailed description of this offer below.

Why it is lucrative to form a company in Serbia

Registering a company in Serbia will give you the following benefits:

  • Duty-free access to the European market as well as the markets of the USA, Russia, and other regions of the world;
  • The possibility to set up a company in Serbia remotely;
  • The possibility to open a bank account for the Serbian company – on site or remotely;
  • The corporate tax is 15% in Serbia and the dividend tax is also 15%;
  • Investment into business gives the right to apply for a permanent legal residence permit in Serbia;
  • It is comparatively inexpensive to support a business company in Serbia.

The minimum sum required for company maintenance in the country is 200 EUR per month. This includes the rent of legal address in Serbia and the accounting services. These are the basic requirements that you have to meet in order to sustain the company. However, this is all you have to pay to preserve your legal status in Serbia.

There are no company registration extension fees in Serbia, which will also let you economize a bit.

Family Office services for you company in Serbia

The Family Office service is a complex foreign company maintenance solution that comes at an affordable price. The most called-for services that it includes are the rent of legal address and the interaction with Serbian state agencies.

You can choose from three Family Office service levels:

Family Office Service Basic

250 EUR per month


450 EUR per month


900 EUR per month

Company legal address V V V
Original documents storage, archive, scanning of the incoming mail, communication with the accountant (up to 5 e-mails or phone calls per month) V V V
Interaction with tax authorities, state agencies, and banks V

(up to five contacts per month)


(unlimited assistance)

2 hours of consultations or legal services   V V
2 hours of miscellaneous services   V V
1 additional hour of consultations     V
3 hours for simple tasks     V
Transportation in the city for 2 days     V
Airport – city – airport transfer       V

You can apply for any service package or switch from one to another at any time.

Please mind that the accounting services, which are mandatory for a company in Serbia, are not included in the Family Office packages. A separate agreement needs to be signed for those. The cost of the accounting services starts at 100 EUR per month and it will ultimately depend on the complexity of the accounting tasks.

Additional company maintenance services available in Serbia

You can also apply for some additional services that we provide. These include:

  Name of service Type of service Period Price (EUR)
1 Company/ branch legal registered address Mandatory 1 month 100
2 Original documents storage, scanning of the incoming mail Optional 1 month 40
3 Interaction with accountant (up to 5 mails/ phone calls per month) Optional 1 month 100
4 Accounting services (separate agreement, starting price) Mandatory 1 month 100
5 A new abstract from the Registry with apostil Optional 1 time 200
6 Other company/ branch documents with apostil Optional 1 time 200
7 Interaction with tax authorities, state agencies, and banks (up to five contacts per month) Optional 1 month 200
8 Legal services from a licensed lawyer Optional hourly 500
9 Consultation services Optional hourly 500
10 Easy tasks Optional hourly 100
11 A Serbian resident who will sign documents for the tax inspection Optional 1 year 1000
12 Nominee service Optional 1 year 1% of turnover but not less than 3,000
13 On your arrival to Serbia: transfer from the airport and back     60
14 On your arrival to Serbia: transportation around the city   1 day 100

If you would like to use any individual service described in the table above, please order it at

If you believe that you are going to need some systematic services, please consider applying for one of the Family Office packages.

How to acquire Family Office services for your Serbian company

  1. Place a request for the service by writing to
  2. Cover the cost if the service: 250 EUR for the Basic package, 450 EUR for the Medium package, and 900 EUR for the VIP package.

You can pay with your credit card or by a bank transfer. You can also pay in Bitcoins, or via Web Money, MoneyGram, Western Union, or other payment systems available to you.

  1. Enjoy our services.

You can learn more about our services our consultants. Please contact us via e-mail