About us

SerbiaWealth.info portal is powered by Offshore Pro Group a leading internet-based provider of international corporate, outsourcing and banking services established in 2008.

OP Group helps successful entrepreneurs and individuals to achieve effective, safe, confidential, affordable and compliant international company structures. We are a worldwide group of independent professional corporate service providers, focused on provision of private banking and wealth management services over the internet through a combined marketing channel.

Our philosophy is that the Offshore Pro Advantage should be available to anyone. Whether you are a start-up with a very limited budget or a huge multi-national offshore corporation, it doesn’t matter! We can help you set up your ideal international or offshore business and banking structure without leaving your office. For our clients we design and execute specialist offshore outsourcing solutions. 

Our fee structure is totally transparent, easy to understand, and without any surprises. This is in sharp contrast to other companies, our competitors, who often hide the true nature of their fees. 

Our lifetime client support goes well beyond a simple company formation or Serbia bank account opening – our role is that of a knowledgeable, experienced friend standing by, to answer questions and help you make informed decisions.

Our story

OP Group launched its business, company formation and banking services in Belgrade, Serbia in 2017. Serbia offers:

easy and flexible bank account opening

corporate outsourcing services

European residence permits

multi-currency bank accounts with IBAN numbers for foreign companies

and many more attractions for foreign investors.

OP Group opened its physical office in the historic part of Belgrade, the Serbian capital, in 2017 and has since helped dozens of individuals and companies to set up companies and open bank accounts in Serbia as well as offering a range of outsourcing services.

OP Group was originally established at a meeting in London in 2008. A group of British and Canadian offshore service providers with offices in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia decided to combine resources to introduce to the market a new concept in delivery of offshore incorporation and banking services, under the title Offshore Pro Group. 

Back in 2008, the internet was allowing clients for the first time to save money by buying offshore financial services directly over the internet. Consumers had already become comfortable buying travel over the internet instead of using a travel agency, or carrying out banking transactions over the net instead of visiting the bank. However, the offshore business was still segregated into bloated corporate service providers and law firms with fancy offices in big onshore cities; or small one and two man operations in remote offshore centres. 

Offshore Pro Group brought a breath of fresh air: an internet-based corporate service provider passing on the cost savings of going direct and bypassing the middleman: the efficiency and speed of dealing over the net, and the professionalism of an experienced multi-national and multi-lingual team with on-the-ground experience in many jurisdictions.

Offshore Pro Group has now taken mid-shore services to the next level worldwide and Serbia is part of this initiative. Serbia is not an offshore tax haven in the traditional sense, it is not on tax blacklists… but it offers an economy not so burdened by bureaucracy as many. Importantly, Serbia offers reasonable costs to set up the physical presence that any international company must have these days.

One of the most popular services since we opened in Belgrade has been setting up Branches of existing Offshore Companies. This enables clients to breathe a new lease of life into an existing offshore company: conveniently maintaining the same form and legal existence but giving access to the substance required for tax residence purposes and – perhaps most importantly – to major international banks.