Comprehensive list of products and services in Serbia

Serbia is suitable for any business that is striving to Europe, is engaged in export and production. The country offers a convenient geographic location, low electricity and rental prices, economic zones and transparent taxation.

Available products and services include:

  • Corporate services: companies registration, affiliates opening (including offshore companies)
  • Consulting
  • Accounts opening: personal, corporate, in local banks, in international holdings
  • Residence permit in Serbia: for investments into business or into a real estate

The list of services is updated as far as new solutions appear.

1Corporate services

Сompanies registration with a personal visit and remotely. Affiliates registration of foreign companies, including classic offshore companies. Complex solutions: registration of a company / affiliate with simultaneous opening of a bank account. Purchase of shelf companies.


Learn more about Serbia during free and paid consultations: opening of bank accounts and accounts in payment systems; registration of a company in Serbia; obtaining a residence permit in Serbia for investments into business and into a real estate.

3Accounts opening

Open a bank account in Serbia with a personal visit and remotely, for personal purposes and for corporate clients. You can choose between local and international banks. There is also a deposit insurance

4Residence permit in Serbia

It is quite easy to become a resident of Serbia and obtain a residence permit. It is needed to either open a company / affiliate, or buy a real estate. There is no minimum investment limit, which makes Serbia an attractive place to obtain a residence permit.

Benefits of services in Serbia for business

  • Remote companies registration with the ability to open a bank account.
  • Companies can be owned by foreigners for 100%.
  • Remote affiliates opening of foreign (offshore) companies and account opening for an affiliate.
  • Low costs of maintaining the company: rent of a legal address, accounting, utility bills, salaries
  • Developed banking system: local and international banks, extensive experience in import-export transactions
  • The ability to obtain a residence permit for minimal business investment
  • Transparent taxation: 15% income tax; 15% for dividends; VAT – 20%
  • Special Economic Zones without VAT, with customs privileges, industrial complexes

Benefits of services in Serbia for individuals

  • Personal bank account with personal visit
  • Deposit insurance up to 50,000 euros
  • Comfortable living standard
  • There is no minimum investment limit for obtaining a residence permit – business or real estate
  • Potential for obtaining citizenship in Serbia, in the future it will be the EU (the country is planning to join the European Union)
Serbia is suitable for life, business, and investments. The EU, China, Russia, and the USA are investing in services and products in Serbia. The country's economy receives billions of direct investments: industry, mining, finance, services. Find out more about services and products in Serbia at our website or by e-mailing to: [email protected]